In other news, Zooey Zephyr knows how to spell "principles," the Washington Post doesn't

I mistyped "Wuthering Heights" as "Wuthering Heist" and now I desperately need to read that book/see that movie.

whenever I realize the internet is serving me ads for the wrong demographic, I have this feeling of triumph, as if I'm lighting the torch of revolution by getting Google to think I'm a male business traveler

According to the map of the world I should feel "ethnically" connected to two "communities": (a) part of the southeast quadrant of Ireland and (b) the entirety of Central Europe, much of Russia, and some bonus China?

The restoration of a favorite Ophuls film is streaming free all weekend:

Here's how I tried to summarize it for PFA decades ago:

It looks like working-class charm-school student Barbara Bel Geddes’s ship has come in when she's invited to a millionaire’s yachting party. She misses the boat but catches the millionaire, and soon our heroine is successfully ensconced in a Long Island Gothic mansion, waiting for her husband—bitter, driven Robert Ryan—to come home. One of the morals of this dark Cinderella story is that marrying money may bring security, but prisons are secure, too. So it’s no surprise that when Bel Geddes tries to trade a life of hollow luxury for the human chaos of James Mason’s Lower East Side doctor’s office, she meets with formidable resistance from her husband, who says “women are a dime a dozen” but insists on protecting his investments. Thanks in part to Lee Garmes’s deep-focus cinematography, the dream house has rarely looked so sinister.

TIL there used to be a Google staffer who taught “mindfulness” to employees. His job title was—I couldn’t possibly make this up—“Jolly Good Fellow.”


Surely I'm not the first person to suffer from an earworm in which the opening line of Venus in Furs is replaced by "tiny, tiny, tiny books of leather"

MARCH CARTOON: Look, if you're a superhuman who can alphabetize *without* singing the alphabet song to yourself, *I don't want to hear about it*.

weird death ideation 

Epitaph came in a dream: I WAS A DIN AND I DIED

@XanIndigo I repost the fact that the scientific name for the Northern lynx, a subspecies of the Eurasian lynx, is 'Lynx lynx lynx' so often that I keep a picture of three lynxes with the exact same filename just for that purpose.

Here it is.


Of all the vermin that have menaced our vegetable garden over the years, this one is the most infuriatingly cute.

I dreamt I was learning a language with two important words, wimak and mak. You used ‘mak’ in factual sentences where the basis for your assertion was anything you could touch (including taste) and ‘wimak’ if what you knew came from dreams, communication with ghosts, or intuition. Stuff you saw or heard was an unmarked case. People argued about whether tv or internet was wimak or not. #linguistdreams

I discovered the 1905 Burnham plan for San Francisco randomly saved with my old photos. I never appreciated his plan to FULLY cover the city (including the westside) with diagonal boulevards. At the time this was made many of the "existing" streets didn't exist yet (and some were never built and are part of the bay, still). Thanks to the earthquake the following year, and the desire to rebuild as quickly as possible, none of this was ever realized. #map #sanfrancisco #urbandesign #history

Today I offer you the following excellent cat name, free of charge: Intrusive Thought

#WishIWasHere. #YouShouldComeWithMeNow

Since around 2007 I've been cultivating self-storage facility, lost property office, secondhand shop, fleamarket & closed provincial museum as metaphors for my rubbish memory and bits & bobs of identity--depositories of the self. These places are envisaged as littered yet empty, open but somehow inaccessible. But I notice I've carefully avoided placing the abjected items in the charity shop. That's the true act of suppression.

#WIWH #Memoir #AntiMemoir

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Basic models of flocking behavior are controlled by three simple rules: 1) separation: avoid crowding neighbours (short range repulsion); 2) alignment: steer towards average heading of neighbors; 3) cohesion: steer towards average position of neighbors (long range attraction). With these three simple rules, the flock moves in an extremely realistic way.