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So I'm Pauline. I've written a couple volumes of , the last a counterfactual starring a not-dead-at-25 in Italy. My diss at (where I persist in a job doing things to computers) was about the novel (, , ) as lyric, with help from and such.

I live with my excellent family in the and mess with .

Also bound to post stuff, including freakouts about the facial surgery I'm having in, um, two days, behind CWs if alarming or gross.

( to ease those awkward moments at the water cooler)

I'm listening this AM to @tomaverlaine's Chinese Post-Punk Anthology on Spotify. It's amazing and worth checking out -- thank you Toma for sharing this!

Chinese protesters in Tsinghua holding up signs with (apparently, a physicist friend tells me) the Friedmann Equation. Bilingual math puns, that’s strong protest game.

NEW: More than 90 #humanrights and #LGBTQ groups have sent a letter to Congressional leadership opposing #KOSA the poorly named and terribly drafted "Kids Online Safety Act," which would make kids less safe and harm marginalized communities.

I keep a scrapbook/visual diary of all my projects - this is my latest experiments with tea toned cyanotype on Japanese paper.

In the course of having post-op junk cleared from my nose (sorry) I learned the word “debridement” (don’t Google it) which I wrongly interpreted to mean the production of debris.

A late 2022 postscript: an image of the " A Letter to Young People" printed in the first issue of La Jeunesse, 1915 (see top of thread) at Zhejiang University; and quotes from Lu Xun's "A Madman's Diary" and "Preface," spotted taped to benches on Beijing Languages Academy campus this evening.
Shared on weibo, hat tip to @bokane

#China #救救孩子 #LuXun

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A helpful truck owner parked beside the protesters at the #abortion clinic where I volunteer as an escort; they played music to drown out the hate and were much appreciated. Specifically, they played “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back,” which is the darkest musical trolling I’ve heard in a good while.

Good morning, everybody.

Been feeling the urge to dip back into 4x5 lately.

I haven’t done any LF work since I was flattened by Covid in Berlin in early 2020. Kind of intimidated by how heavy all the equipment feels right now (). Also, I generally only use LF when I’m travelling, and I don’t expect to be doing any of that for the next six months. 😌

Still, … there’s that tickle.

“for sheer iron-willed capriciousness and morb­id narcissism, nothing comes close to Stanford”

I have half a recollection from right before surgery of reading, here or on a blog or someplace, a heads-up on a band from Singapore(?) that was supposed to perfectly sum up the current pop(?) rock(?) moment, and I stashed the name in my brain and now I've lost it.

Either it's a real memory washed out by anesthesia or it was just an operating table dream. Anyone?

This is one of my favorite pictures. It feels like it was taken yesterday… but it was taken in a Paris public garden nearly a hundred years ago. Everything feels modern: the composition, the casualness, the daring clothes, haircuts, and accessories.

The colors are original: this is an #autochrome, using the first process for color #photography invented by the Lumière brothers in 1903.

The women are unknown, but I can't help wondering how they fared a few years later in nazi-occupied Paris.

Hiroshi Yoshida, Japanese painter and woodblock printmaker.
He is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the shin-hanga style, and is noted especially for his excellent landscape prints.

It's called the fediverse because it was set up by the federal bureau of verses, the US government department for poetry

Also, “dingbats cannot be left to their own devices” and “the dingbat is the true symptom of Los Angeles' urban Id trying to cope with the unprecedented appearance of residential densities too high to be subsumed within the illusions of homestead living.”

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I was expecting many fine things from Reyner Banham’s Four Ecologies, but among them was not the 'basic Los Angeles dingbat.'

UC faculty colleagues: please consider reading and signing this appeal to the state government to reinvest in the UC system.
The only way the admin will give our grad students a livable wage, without just shrinking our grad programs to make up the budget, is if the state legislature actually forks over the money.

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Basic models of flocking behavior are controlled by three simple rules: 1) separation: avoid crowding neighbours (short range repulsion); 2) alignment: steer towards average heading of neighbors; 3) cohesion: steer towards average position of neighbors (long range attraction). With these three simple rules, the flock moves in an extremely realistic way.