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Chibi is boss. Bring her her coffee. Bring her her squeaky ball. Type up her homework. Bossy. Bossy. Boss dog.

The entire @pocket team is in town this week for an on-site. 🥰

For our first meal together, we rolled the dice and ended up with a royal feast. Like most teams at @mozilla, Pocket is geographically distributed; it’s so refreshing (and rare) to have everyone in the same place at the same time—a dinner like this is a treasure.

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A software tester walks in a bar and orders a pint of beer
orders 0 pints of beer
orders 999999 pints of beer
orders -1 pints of beer
orders a badger
tries to leave with out paying
declares that the bar is fit for purpose

The first customer enters the bar, asks where toilet is and the bar catches fire.

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Every half, I promise myself that I’ll write my self-assessment early. Every half, I am made a liar.

The problem is that it’s a task for my benefit, and I’m never quite as motivated to serve myself as I should be.

Goodbye, Nicole v45—I’ve upgraded to Nicole v46!!

Forty-five was an action-packed year. I want to call for less action in this next year, but I won’t because my diary is an addict.

Still sorting out how to photograph this city. 🫤

Apple has responded to our Pride theme by spotlighting Pocket in two different collections in the App Store.

I can’t overstate how much we appreciate that: making a statement like this invites a fair amount of hate mail; it’s incredible when a big player steps in to lend some support.

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Pocket’s Pride-themed release is rolling out to 1% of users today.

This is the first of our themed releases, where we decorate the app inside and out with thematic colors and content.

Pocket’s Pride-themed release is rolling out to 1% of users today.

This is the first of our themed releases, where we decorate the app inside and out with thematic colors and content.

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If you live in the UK or USA, you need to understand one thing about the coming election:

You need to vote *defensively*.

Neither of the main parties are appealing. But if you don't vote for the lesser evil you may end up helping a totalitarian horror get elected.

Hold your nose and goddamn vote, dammit. THEN go on protests. Because if you don't vote for the lesser evil, the victor will welcome your protests with bullets.

The prize for political purity this time round is a shallow grave.

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Key to unlocking growth in your career is understanding your work style and if or how to make it compatible with your workplace.

If your work style doesn’t align with what organization values you either need to adjust or move on.

For instance, I’ve realized I am very outcome focused and have a bias for action. I care more about results (more users, more revenue, etc) than the path to get there (technology choice, process, business model). A lot of organizations and people don’t work this way.

I’m one of those personalities you can just heap more and more responsibilities on, and I’ll be like, “More! More!,” even as my velocity slows.

But once you heap just one too many things, I completely fall apart, and my velocity plummets straight down to zero/overwhelmed/sobbing on the sofa.

Happy Monday, everyone!! 😭

I’m in the Mission, enjoying a post-Furiosa Wesburger.

I don’t enjoy these films so much as admire their alienness. This one epitomizes that distinction: amazement and boredom in equal measure. At moments, I was enthralled; at moments, I realized I’d been staring at my shoelaces for uninterrupted minutes while vehicles exploded above me. There was a moment I almost cried; there were entire acts where I felt numb. I was never excited, but these films weren’t made to excite someone like me.

Starting facial electrolysis in the middle of my team’s visit to SF. This means mandatory stubble and no Zoom filter to hide behind. 🙄

Arguably, this is either my fault for not starting earlier, or my fault for not starting later. Either way, it’s my fault!

I’m pretty happy with how far lasers and hormones took me, but as the other changes have compounded, having to shave, even if only every other day, just feels goofy.

But, oh boy, that upper lip line is supposed to be atomically painful 😵‍💫

Some guy just pulled over and asked me for my number. Gonna ride that feeling all week long.

The cascade of minor apartment advances: I bought a sofa and then a desk, then I hung some art, and finally I had friends over. I even baked popovers.

I need to sort out a few more things like refreshing the paint, and having cushions made for the window seats, but I’m starting to feel settled.

Or will, once I cycle out all the moving boxes that I broke down for recycling.

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Basic models of flocking behavior are controlled by three simple rules: 1) separation: avoid crowding neighbours (short range repulsion); 2) alignment: steer towards average heading of neighbors; 3) cohesion: steer towards average position of neighbors (long range attraction). With these three simple rules, the flock moves in an extremely realistic way.