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Chibi is boss. Bring her her coffee. Bring her her squeaky ball. Type up her homework. Bossy. Bossy. Boss dog.

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Hi!! Happy !!

I’m Nicole (she/her). I manage mobile engineering for the Pocket products at Mozilla. My previous incarnations were as an iOS developer, an attorney, a CGI enthusiast, and an aspiring horror makeup artist (I never wanted to be an astronaut).

I originally hail from , , but reside in the these days.

I think it’s really interesting that my oldest, dearest childhood friend is also . Coming out to each other was super special.

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This week on #StainedGlassWoman is a bit of a departure--it's an article that isn't for #trans people!

One thing I see a lot of in our circles is people getting tired of doing Trans 101 over and over again for well-meaning but clueless friends, family members, and coworkers.

"What Does All This Trans Stuff Mean?" is written as a hand-off guide to explain the basics of being trans to someone with zero experience.

So drop in, and grab something to save you some work!

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Surely I'm not the first person to suffer from an earworm in which the opening line of Venus in Furs is replaced by "tiny, tiny, tiny books of leather"

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A group of Interactive Fiction critics are working to start an online magazine of IF theory and criticism. We're looking for a few editors to pitch in.

We will publish great analysis for non-academic audiences. We are an inclusive team that welcomes inquiries from members of underrepresented groups.

Expertise with choice IF would be especially helpful, though this is not a requirement.

A not-for-profit labor of love.

PM me for details.

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The people who work for you have three resources: time, energy, and give-a-fuck.

Time is the cheapest. It replenishes one hour every hour.

Energy is more expensive. When you're out, you need lots of time off to recharge.

Once give-a-fuck is burned, it's gone forever.

Trans Selfie; Eye Contact; Cameras Lie 

Cameras lie. If I have a studio light and time, I can usually coax mine to lie in my favor. Of course, the splotchy-faced, blue-bearded selfie I sent out to close friends this morning is enough to make me doubt myself when I say that. Doubt. I’ll have mine with cookies, please.

Anyway, here’s a good lie my camera told me earlier this week.


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I blame toxic masculinity for the existence of audiophile woo. Basically if there were less stigma for men who just want things that look pretty and match none of this stuff would need technical “justification” You want your cables braided or with decorative baubles? great make it look real cute. I have a rainbow cable with soft padding. I don’t feel any need to justify why it’s better. It’s cute.

It’s ok to like something because it’s pretty.

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THE FIRST THING THE BIDEN ADMIN SHOULD DO to tackle #StudentLoanDebt is to undercut the banks by offering 0%-2% college loans, and allow anyone with Student Loan Debt to refinance their loan with the gov't.

That alone would MASSIVELY reduce the total debt owed by millions of graduates.

"Debt Forgiveness" is a hard sell on the Right, but the GOP can't stop the U.S. Treasury from offering low interest loans. @ThomHartmann

That said, … 🤔… the perk to the dress is how uncomfortable it will prolly make all the cishet dudes at this thing. That appeals to my inner gremlin; I sometimes love making people uncomfortable.

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I ordered a custom-sized Star Wars costume for a birthday party thing next in LA next Thursday, but I’m starting to doubt it will arrive on time, so I ordered a backup.

I’ll wear it if I have to, but I’d much prefer something I can stack layers under: the venue’s lake adjacent; it’s going to be cold

Plus, even with tights, that’s going to be a very short hemline on 6,1” me. Like, _mini_.

Beautiful drunk women 

Last night, @pauline and I got together for the first time since October, when we had shared a bottle of wine in anticipation of our forthcoming FFS operations.

Four months without seeing my transition sister was really, really hard. I basically vomited non sequiter snippets of all of the conversations I’d been saving for her in one slurry, blurry run-on sentence.

Also, there was this wonderfully hideous cocktail with Fernet and banana liqueur.

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The anti-trans crusade at the New York Times is so sudden and so intense that it seems almost certain to stem from a personal agenda. So, whose agenda is it? At XTra, I tried to find out:

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it's the racism, y'all

if you're not willing to stand up for other marginalized communities the way we want cis people to stand up for us, if you're not concerned if you hurt others while defending us... you're hurting ALL of us


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And on the pedestal, these words appear:
"Wayback Machine has not archived that URL."
Nothing beside remains.

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Cannot recommend these roles more! Folks this is a great opportunity to serve the government and do good!
RT @konklone
The FTC has started a new Office of Technology! Now they're hiring technologists to power their investigations:

* Remote work possible.
* Pay is amazing by non-tech-sector standards (up to $176K).
* Blessedly simple application process.

Get in there!

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RIP Leiji Matsumoto, talented manga artist, amazing storyteller, director of the anime Space Battleship Yamato (1974), production supervisor of Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 (2003), and creator Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1977) and Galaxy Express 999 (1977).

He was 85.

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seeing some “lol fuck section 230” posts around here, which is pretty ironic considering section 230 is essential for the fediverse to exist at all

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shout out to whoever designed the "non-fiction" icon in Apple Books

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Dear developers. Please don’t forget to compliment things you like about someone’s code when reviewing their PR.

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Basic models of flocking behavior are controlled by three simple rules: 1) separation: avoid crowding neighbours (short range repulsion); 2) alignment: steer towards average heading of neighbors; 3) cohesion: steer towards average position of neighbors (long range attraction). With these three simple rules, the flock moves in an extremely realistic way.