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Mozart 🐐

Maybe tied with Ingrid Haebler.


Born on this day, in 1895

Listen to Clara Haskil,
my favorite pianist for Mozart's piano concertos.

Piano Concerto No 20 in D Minor K.466. Igor Markevitch, Conducting L'Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux



You know the planets are lined up when falls on .

I'm Pauline (she/her). I spent my youth getting kiln-fired in , , now in the ; used to be an academic in the humanities, now write code during the day and fiction in the off hours, also some songwriting and home recording with guitars, but there's this whole ongoing struggle to get my singing voice repitched.

My most remarkable life stories all involve other people, and one of the most amazing is that my oldest and dearest friend is also a trans woman. It's been something to figure this all out alongside her as an other half to her Gemini.

Fig.1: restaurant washroom selfie, Fig 2: some hot gender-bent flirtation from Twelfth Night (Viola dressed as Cesario is supposed to be a proxy for the Duke; Olivia has other ideas).

Appreciation to all!

Hi!! Happy !!

I’m Nicole (she/her). I manage mobile engineering for the Pocket products at Mozilla. My previous incarnations were as an iOS developer, an attorney, a CGI enthusiast, and an aspiring horror makeup artist (I never wanted to be an astronaut).

I originally hail from , , but reside in the these days.

I think it’s really interesting that my oldest, dearest childhood friend is also . Coming out to each other was super special.

I just ingested a month of holiday music at the kid's skating rink and it's come back out as "Jingle Bell Time ist die allerbeste Zeit," please help.

Anne Enright. I was slow to read her, I guess because whatever summary I’d seen didn’t stand out, but the execution is so, so good (and much bleaker than I’d expected).

I did not know this!


I knew George Eliot translated Spinoza -- in fact, a friend of mine got me her translation as a gift -- but I am stunned by how Spinozist I am finding her account of the passions in Middlemarch. Not just implicitly -- sometimes it seems to be direct quotes or paraphrases.


The German language has quite a few animalistic verbs:

fuchsen ("to fox") = to annoy
hechten ("to pike") = to dive
reihern ("to heron") = to puke
dackeln ("to dachshund") = to walk slowly
aalen ("to eel") = to bask
vögeln ("to bird") = to have sex
einigeln ("to hedgehog in") = to curl up
hamstern ("to hamster") = to hoard
schlängeln ("to snake") = to wriggle
stieren ("to bull") = to goggle
unken ("to toad") = to gripe, augur doom
tigern ("to tiger") - to walk tigerishly

Animaljoy our language!

Find someone who flirts with you the way Judith Butler flirts at a linguistics conference

Whereas this bit of Ashbery could be rolled out unaltered as a dril tweet.

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Why someone chose to put a checkmark next to this line, out of an entire book of Ashbery poems, rätselhaft.

Today’s read is @mjohnharrison ‘s Nova Swing.

Its predecessor, Light, gently gutted me a few years ago. I had come to identify with aspects of the furious intelligence, Seria Mau, once human, now a space ship, who is cut free from her physical form in the final pages.

“In the micro-cameras she saw herself for the first time in fifteen years. She was this small, broken, yellowish thing, its limbs all at odd angles, curling and uncurling itself feebly against the pain of the open air.”

At that exact moment in my life, this was a allegory, and the resolution had me sobbing quietly in the dark.

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Merry Christmas from Robert Southwell and his Baby Jesus Meteor

Mira Bellwether, author of Fucking Trans Women, died today. The world is poorer for her absence.

Season's greetings from eight-year-old me, who recognized the importance of managing expectations

People make fun of vi because it’s hard to get out, but it says right there: “esc : w q”. Whereas getting out of emacs apparently requires the gradual realization over the course of decades that all of your heroes are monsters and the ideological basis of the liberatory movements you championed in your youth are inherently flawed, and they are futile exercises

In celebration of #PublicDomain day, someone needs to make a To the Lighthouse video game. The ultimate goal will be making to the lighthouse (obvs), but intermediate levels would include Trying to Get to Z, Making the Boar Skull Appear and Disappear, Cooking the Boeuf en Daube, and Having Your Vision. Watch out for the Time Passes level, Mrs. Ramsey!!!

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Basic models of flocking behavior are controlled by three simple rules: 1) separation: avoid crowding neighbours (short range repulsion); 2) alignment: steer towards average heading of neighbors; 3) cohesion: steer towards average position of neighbors (long range attraction). With these three simple rules, the flock moves in an extremely realistic way.