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A self-described whistleblower who previously worked at a clinic that treated trans youth came forward today. This is going to be a bigger deal than the usual nonsense. I won't be able to get a post out until tomorrow, so for now I am going to do something I try to avoid and post a link to Fox News, which is reporting the hospital she worked at is under investigation by the attorney general.

Zoomer alert: cafe staff at the Salesforce transit center just killed "Flashdance... What a Feeling" in favor of "My Heart Will Go On" and are amusing themselves with a tuneless sing-along

I start every morning at the mirror putting on face serum while doing arpeggio lip trill exercises, at which point cartoon bluebirds fly in through the window with my brow tweezers

weird death ideation 

Epitaph came in a dream: I WAS A DIN AND I DIED

As ever, on #元宵節 #LanternFestival
—the first full moon of the lunar year, when lanterns light up the night.

A well-known 11th c. lyric attributed to statesman Ouyang Xiu 歐陽修 and also to woman poet Zhu Shujen 朱淑真

#everynightapoem #chinese #poetry #translation

Today risks being a bothersome day but a) all the magnolias are flowering; b) new shoes!

(the website called them “tan” but obviously it should have said “rust” and I love them)

The London Review of Books writeup for this went and spoiled the ending, and even if it’s not much of a surprise I’m annoyed with myself for not having known better than to read it, and to find that it actually does change the reading experience.

I guess the rationale was “why does it matter, it’s a long modernist novel where nothing happens,” but it’s not, it’s a long modernist novel where like two things happen, and dude, you can’t just yank the curtain.

Brazenly characterize a shopping trip on the e-bike as “put some paneer in my panniers”

who called it "complaining on mastodon" and not "grabbing a pint of bitter at the activitypub"?

“‘Wet leg’ is a term that inhabitants of the Isle of Wight, where Teasdale and Chambers grew up, apply to day-trippers and holiday-makers who ferry across the five miles from Southampton, on England’s southern coast. (‘D.F.L.,’ short for ‘down from London,’ and ‘overners,’ from ‘over the water,’ are others.)”

"from time import sleep" has not become any less mystical in all the years I've been typing it.

It's simple as:

Parallel to shore, built on Piles: WHARF

Parallel to shore, built on Fill: QUAY

Extending out from shore, built of Piles: PIER

Extending out from shore, built on Fill: JETTY

I think this one is a good pairing with Amia Srinivasan’s The Right to Sex on the constructedness of desire (for any of us who get perplexed around how desire gets constructed).

This novel, a sweet one, made me feel warmer about the possibility of recuperating old confusions and errors—though I didn’t get into it with the guy on BART who wanted to know about my reading habits and told me I looked like a librarian.

What kind of effects pedal is this?!

My favorite "guitar pedal" is an extensively modified 1956 Wollensak T-1500 Tape Reel.

Tape delay, doubling, saturation, tube clipping, you name it!

#music #tape #electronics #studio #audio

Core curriculum. It’s urgent about what it is and really uninterested in pretending to be anything else. The main character is on-brand in dismissing Joyce as patriarchy, and yet the book’s got exactly the same arc as Ulysses: building up expectations for a surrogate filial relationship that finally converges, sadly, in a deflationary missed connection.

(Also, why is it so funny that the book’s Joyce booster is a manic trans guy named Kieran? It’s just funny.)

The afterword, on what Binnie learned/received permission to do from Joanna Russ, Gloria Anzaldúa and others, is an actual inspiration.

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Basic models of flocking behavior are controlled by three simple rules: 1) separation: avoid crowding neighbours (short range repulsion); 2) alignment: steer towards average heading of neighbors; 3) cohesion: steer towards average position of neighbors (long range attraction). With these three simple rules, the flock moves in an extremely realistic way.